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When shopping for a new mattress, bed size is among the most important considerations. However, how can you know whether one is the ideal fit for you? How many people can fit in your bed? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Are you expecting a child? Our comprehensive Australian bed sizes guide has a bed size for every occasion. Please continue to read!

Mattress Sizes and Bed Frames for a Single Person

The standard dimensions of Australian mattress sizes is 188cm long and 92cm broad. It is an excellent option for a child who has outgrown their crib and needs somewhere to sleep.

Single mattresses are a good option for tight areas like studio apartments or shared kid's rooms. If you are buying a bed for a tiny space, keep in mind that the overall length and breadth of the bed frame should be taken into consideration since specific designs may incorporate more enormous headboards or footboards.

Sizes of King-Size Platform Beds and Mattresses

A royal single bed is more extended and broader than a standard single bed, making it more spacious. The mattress is 107cm wide and 203cm long in most cases. A king-sized bed is a great alternative if you have a child or adolescent developing into a young adult.

To accommodate most people, this mattress is wide enough to fit in a guest room where a double-sized bed would be too cramped. Buy cushions online in Australia at a reasonable price.

Mattresses and Bed Frames in Queen Size

A regular queen-sized mattress is 203 inches long by 153 inches broad. Beds of this size are the most commonly purchased in Australian households.

Couples and people in need of more room would appreciate the additional square footage. When you switched from your dorm room's twin to a queen-sized bed, did you feel like an adult for the first time?

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Mattresses and Bed Frames for King Sized Beds

King mattresses are somewhat longer than queen mattresses, but they are also slightly broader. A king-sized bed is 203 cm long and 183 cm wide in most cases.

This is the most significant conventional mattress size at an Australian shop. It's great for families with little children who may decide to hurry in the dark of night and couples who want a little additional breadth.

Dimensions of the Bunk Bed and the Mattress

Bunk beds are two separate beds piled on top of each other vertically. In a classic bunk bed, the mattress dimensions are 188cm long by 92cm broad, with the top and bottom being the same size.

Having a bunk bed in a kid's room is like having a sleepover every night since it maximizes the vertical space and enables you to bunk in along with your sibling or sister.

Mattress Size for a Triple Bottom Bunk

As an alternative to the more standard twin over full bunk beds, triple bunk beds have two single beds stacked on top of each other. The single and double bunks have mattresses about 90cm wide by 188cm long.

When they bring their friends over after football practice, this is the ideal solution for a teenager that needs a little more space than a single bed.

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Size of a King Singles Bunk Bed and Mattress

Another option is the king double bunk bed, which is newer and more challenging to locate but is the same as a bunk bed in terms of design.

The added length is a king-size bed on top of another king-size bed. The added size is a nice perk! Remember when we said that a king single is more extended than a single or double bed?

A restful night's sleep begins with the cheap cushions in Australia. Big Bedding can help you choose the mattress that best fits your needs and preferences, whether you are in your life. Even if you are looking for a mattress to fit a twin, a full-size, or even a king-sized bed, Big Bedding offers the right fit.

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