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How to achieve the best night sleep

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The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping by the time a person reaches 75, they would have spent 25 years sleeping. 

We have listed some great remedies to achieve a perfect night’s sleep.

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Sigmund Freud - Best Dream Theories

The father of psychoanalysis,  Freud changed the game with his studies of dreams, his work The Interpretation Of Dreams was a true inspiration for modern psychologists. Freud begin to study his patients dreams in order to understand aspects of their personality.  He believed that nothing you do occurs by chance; every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious mind at some level. In order to live in a civilised society, we must hold back our urges and repress our instincts and impulses. However, these urges, instincts and impulses must still be released ; they have a way of coming to the surface in disguised forms.  One way these emotions are released is through our...

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Puradown Pillows - Best Pillows for neck pain

The Puradown Bedding name is an Australian icon around the world. So it is no wonder why, here at Big Bedding Australia continue to push and sell Puradown as an exclusive product. They come in a wide range of sizes and vary between Standard, European & King allowing for their customers to have a wide range of comfort to select from. The chamber Pillow style is designed to cradle the head and neck while you sleep. Our Microsoft Pillows look great when placed upon your bed and keep shape for a long time. Hotels are the largest customers for the Microsoft pillow. Goose & Duck Feather Pillows...

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Top 5 Common Dreams & Their Meanings

How many times have you woken up from a dream and thought your sub conscious was trying to tell you something. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 most common dreams and their meanings. LETS START! 5. Car Problems This dream you are normally in your car or near a car which is swerving out of control, Faulty breaks, tires falling off even driving off a cliff. Meaning: You feel like you have lost control or someone has taken the control from you. 4. Teeth Falling Out This dream can be very disturbing to most people, especially if the dream...

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All indications point to 2016 being Australia's coldest winter, with cold fronts to deliver hail and snow to large parts of Australia. With snow already falling in the high country of Victoria, which is great for the Ski enthusiasts. With above average rainfall predicted for most of mainland Australia, there is little doubt 2016 winter will be a cold one. The BOM have predicted there will be above average rainfall for all of June, leaving our boots nice and wet. There will be an Antarctic front heading towards Tasmania and Victoria, we highly recommend securing a warm winter coat and...

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