How to Sleep like a Millionaire?

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We all seem to trick ourselves into believing we can’t have any of the luxuries the Packers and Regina Reineherdts of the world have. The elites all still wear underpants, perfume and they all still need a pillow to sleep on.

Someone once said to me “buy expensive and comfortable underwear, it wont send you broke but everyday you’ll be able to say your underpants are as good as any”. Why not the same with how we sleep, why not be comfortable for the 8 hours (if we are lucky) of rest that we get, lets look at some products which will give you the luxury of comfort every night of the year. 

Puradown 80% Goose Down Pillow

Talk about comfort, your feel like your head is laying on a cloud with this pillow, companies such as the Sofitel and Hyatt have been repurchasing this pillow for a long time now and continue to make large orders for all their hotels.

It comes in 3 sizes, Standard ($179), European ($209) & King ($239). Click here to see the product in full and buy now.

Puradown Down & Feather Mattress Topper

If you want to turn your mattress from old and springy to “luxury comfort, don’t even try to get me out of bed” then you should start looking for a mattress topper now. Ideal for clients who can’t upgrade their mattress but want to sleep like a King/Queen.

It comes in 5 sizes, Single ($159), King Single ($179), Double ($199), Queen ($239) & King ($289). Click here to see the product in full and buy now.

Puradown Four Seasons 80% Goose Down Quilt (2 in 1)

Talk about being cosy in bed, this Quilt is a best seller Australia wide, even MYER wanted to sell this bad boy but where given stern no, as the Company did not want to diminish the product. You can clip and unclip this quilt which makes it ideal for Summer and Winter. It has the warmth equivalent to 6 blankets, perfect for the colder nights and mornings. This is a must have and will take your bed from Kmart savvy to millionaire sleeper.

It comes in 5 sizes, Single ($269), Double ($309), Queen ($369), King ($409) & Super King ($479). Click here to see the product in full and buy now.

Some cheaper alternatives

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