Royal Childrens Hospital Commitment 2023 to 2026

Big Bedding Australia are very excited to announce we have been approved to a 3 year donation commitment to the Royal Children's Hospital. We have been offered the opportunity to donate to the 'SPONSOR A BED, CHANGE A LIFE' campaign.

We will be donating a total of $7,500 towards the Koala Ward (Care for children with serious cardiac conditions). Our contribution will help ensure the comfort and care of sick and vulnerable children.

The Royal Children's Hospital plays a crucial role in providing essential medical services and care to those in need. Our donation will help support the life-saving work of healthcare professionals and providing resources that can make a real difference to patients and their families.

If you would like to donate to the Royal Children's Hospital click here

This commitment and donation could not be done with out the years of support from our customers and we thank you for making this achievable and we look forward to helping support and sponsor

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne


Koala ward is a 30 bed unit that provides specialist care for patients with both cardiac and renal conditions. Patients of all ages ranging from newborns through to adolescents receive specialist cardiac treatments including cardiac surgery, medical therapies and electrophysiology. We also care for patients with a range of kidney problems managed both medically and surgically, including renal replacement therapies; haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation.

Koala Ward is supported by both cardiac and kidney specialists, trainee medical staff and specialist nursing staff. They are involved in all aspects of patient care from admission – right through until discharge and long term follow up in outpatient clinics. Particularly complex or long term patients are supported by nursing care managers to help assist and co-ordinate their care.

What makes us unique?

On Koala ward we are proud to be a National Funded Centre in a variety of areas including

  • Paediatric Heart Transplantation
  • Pulmonary Hypertension management
  • Paediatric Ventricular Assist Devices (including both Berlin Heart and Heartware)

Patients admitted to Koala ward come from all over Victoria, Australia and Overseas.

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