How many times have you woken up from a dream and thought your sub conscious was trying to tell you something. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 most common dreams and their meanings. LETS START!

5. Car Problems

This dream you are normally in your car or near a car which is swerving out of control, Faulty breaks, tires falling off even driving off a cliff. Meaning: You feel like you have lost control or someone has taken the control from you.

4. Teeth Falling Out

This dream can be very disturbing to most people, especially if the dream feels real. Meaning: You are anxious or conscious of your appearance and feel embarrassed.

3. Being Chased

Another Common dream is being chased by a killer or a mob. A monster may be chasing you. Meaning: you fear something in your life that just wont leave you alone.

2. Your Nude!

Running or being nude in front of a crowd or public place, is one of the most common dreams we all have. Everyone at some point in their life has this dream. Meaning: this dream is closely related to people with wedding ceremony coming up in real life. You feel exposed, vulnerable and open. You have recently told someone of a secret which you maybe shouldn't have.

1. Falling

Falling into oblivion, yes we have all had this dream where we fall and wake up in a panic. Some say if you actually fall out of bed during this dream you can end up in a coma or worse. Meaning: This dream is your subconscious showing you your insecurities, you may be overwhelmed or overshadowed in your real life. Revalue you position and perspective on life in that moment.


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