The Puradown Bedding name is an Australian icon around the world. So it is no wonder why, here at Big Bedding Australia continue to push and sell Puradown as an exclusive product.

They come in a wide range of sizes and vary between Standard, European & King allowing for their customers to have a wide range of comfort to select from.

  • The chamber Pillow style is designed to cradle the head and neck while you sleep.
  • Our Microsoft Pillows look great when placed upon your bed and keep shape for a long time. Hotels are the largest customers for the Microsoft pillow.
  • Goose & Duck Feather Pillows give your head and neck a great night rest as they allow you to put your full head weight onto the pillow while still keeping shape the next morning.

Puradown allow for people of all ages to make a quality selection which will ensure years of quality sleep and peace of mind.

Here are out top Puradown Pillow Picks for you -


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