Yes its true, we may not admit it and we may not want to admit it, but some of us have fallen deeply and madly in love with our beds. Below is a list of signs that you, yourself have fallen into the love web.

  • You give it a name (Yes its true) Just like many people name their car, if you have named your mattress. Its a sign you've been love struck. (I call mine Boo)
  • You just don't feel right when your sleeping at a Hotel or a friends place. (You miss that luscious honey)
  • You brag to your friends about where you and your mattress met and how comfortable it makes you feel (it is not just physical, its emotional too)
  • Only the best bed sheets will do (Even Egyptian cotton comes under scrutiny when it comes to my boo)
  • You don't just share your bed with anyone, even partners don't feel right (It is a threesome every time that special someone sleeps over)
  • You get defensive when someone tells you how amazing their bedroom environment is (have you been known to throw punches when your mattress is under attack)

Literally if you fall under any of these, you are well on the way to a long 10 to 15 year relationship with your bed. Do not not deny it, love is love and when your partner is giving you so much, take it in and do be ashamed.

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