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Today we are looking at the dreamaker bedding brand, with many Australians buying and using their products, lets take a look into this brand and see if its right for you.

Dreamaker is a family owned brand and was established in 1986, initially manufacturing pillows for the local market. Over the past 34 years Dreamaker has experienced substantial growth due to being able to create innovative bedding products such as quilts, underblankets, mattress overlays, protectors, pillows and range of quality bed linen and soft furnishings. Manufacturing in Victoria since the early 2000s

And by industry standards Dreamaker Bedding is considered as one of the leading suppliers of household textiles to both the Australian domestic and international markets.

Today, Dreamaker has evolved into a vastly different company with manufacturing facilities in both Australia and China. Although the core philosophies of the brand remain as the key foundation to conducting lasting business relationships. At Dreamaker Bedding the company focus, direction and ethics are constantly maintained and all staff operate under the key principles of innovation, loyalty, integrity and a willingness to work. 

Having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Australia, plus warehousing and distribution facility, means Dreamaker can supply consistent high quality, sustainable and innovative products.

They are best known for their amazing bedding

  • Huge range of Austrlaian made Pillows
  • Mattres Toppers for comfort
  • Quilts for all seasons
  • Baby Bedding products
  • Mattrs protectors and more

See some of their best selling products below and get their amazing value for money products bedding delivered free Australia wide.




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