How to Choose the Right Outdoor Cushions for Your Space


Picture this: a warm sunny day, and you are relaxing in your chaise lounge under the pergola and enjoying the gentle breeze flowing. Utilise the most of your outdoor space at home by making it a calming haven for you and your family. Surround the space with cosy outdoor cushions, some comfy furniture, and bright drapes to make it a comfortable retreat.

Whether your outdoor space is used as a play area for children, a music room, or a spot to unwind, having the right outdoor seat cushions can make all the difference. Never underestimate the comfort of a soft and cosy cushion. They can be used for relaxing as well as a decor element. No matter the purpose, outdoor furniture cushions must be picked carefully.

In this blog, we look at some helpful tips for choosing the right outdoor cushions for your space.

 1. Weather Considerations

The climate you live in plays a pivotal role in determining the kind of wear and tear your outdoor cushions will face. If you're in a rain-prone region, you need to invest in weatherproof outdoor cushions to ensure your cushions stay dry and inviting. In contrast, sun-drenched locations require high UV resistance to prevent premature ageing and brittleness. When you buy cushions online in Australia, choose the right pick for your location. For example, for long summer days, you will need outdoor cushions made of UV-resistant fabric that can withstand long hours of sun without fading colours.  

 2. Fabric That's Functional

When you use outdoor chair cushions, there are bound to be some food spills or a muddy footprint. Each time it happens, you cannot start worrying about it. So, you need to choose easy to clean and quick to dry fabrics. Cushions for outdoor chairs need functional fabrics resistant to water, stain, and mould. It is also preferable if they are machine washable as that makes the cleanup much easier. A quick spin in the laundry will be enough to restore your cushions to their pristine state.

 3. Hiding Marks with Dark Colours and Patterns

Outdoor living can sometimes be messy, but the key is not to stress about it. Opt for darker colours and intricate patterns when selecting cushions for outdoor spaces. These darker shades work wonderfully to hide accidental spills or marks, ensuring your outdoor area maintains its charm without constant washing. So, go ahead and let your family enjoy - your cushions can handle it.

 4. Embrace Variety in Shapes

While square outdoor chair cushions are a classic choice, don't shy away from experimenting with different shapes. Mix and match square cushions with bolsters, daybeds, and round outdoor seat cushions. This eclectic arrangement not only provides you with customisable comfort but also fuels your creativity. Having too many cushions to be able to count is a good thing - use them for a fort-building adventure with your kids or for an impromptu outdoor game with friends and family.

 5. Quality over Price

We don’t mind you looking for cheap outdoor cushions, but quality should not be compromised. When buying cushions online in Australia, you must be careful about going with low-cost options. They might compromise on comfort, durability, and longevity. With us, you can be assured of high-quality outdoor cushions that pay off in the long run as they resist wear and tear, reducing the need for constant replacements and repairs.

6. Balancing Upkeep

While choosing cushions for outdoor furniture, you must also consider the time you're willing to dedicate to cleaning and maintenance. Dust, pollen, and debris accumulate over time, dampening the allure of your outdoor space. Go for outdoor cushions that match your cleaning routine. If you're a proactive cleaner, a weekly wipe-down with mild cleansers might be enough. For those with a more relaxed approach, we recommend opting for machine-washable cushion fabrics. When looking at outdoor seat cushions, check the care instructions, as not all fabrics can withstand the washing machine.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to outdoor chair cushions, making the right choice involves more than just picking something that looks appealing. Weather conditions, fabric functionality, colour strategies, and maintenance routines converge to create the ideal outdoor haven. By considering these factors, you can create an outdoor space that's comfortable and stylish.

Your outdoor space is a place to unwind, bond, and create cherished memories. Pick outdoor cushions that provide a comfortable and inviting space, effortlessly blending aesthetics with practicality. To look for some options, check out our pillows and cushions at

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