Differences Between Goose Down and Duck Down Pillows

Puradown pillowWith a variety of pillow options out there, such as goose and duck down, it is important for people to sift through the good, the bad, the cheap and the expensive to find what is best for them. The first thing to keep in mind is that no 2 pillows are the same, which many people misunderstand.

Below are the differences between goose and duck down pillows. 

Insulation –

The differences between duck and goose down are not that significant, and the overall comfort and durability depends on the processing. Geese are larger birds with larger feathers, but that doesn't mean a goose down pillow will have greater insulation.

If you're concerned about comfort and warmth, either a goose down or duck down pillow will be perfect for you!

Durability –

The major difference between goose and duck down is durability.

The durability depends on the oil and fat content of the birds, which varies according to feed, weather and other conditions. Creating a down is an over washed processing phase that leads to brittle, dry down and decreased fill power. The proper processing ensures durability and performance no matter where the down came from.

Fill power –

The processing involves sorting through feathers to find clusters that will achieve the best fill power. A pillow with a higher fill power can trap more air, leading to a warmer and plusher pillow. As a bird ages, their clusters of down becomes more developed.

Goose or duck, the older they get, the higher the insulation and fill power of down.

Colour –

Goose and duck down can be white or grey in colour. Of course, colour does not affect durability or warmth. White down tends to be the more popular and desirable choice as it doesn’t show through pillowcases.

Odour –

The natural oil and fats can make the smell of down quite resilient and pliable. Ducks are shorter than geese and have smaller bodies, which means their feathers come in contact with the ground more often and collect more fragrance over time.

If you purchase your goose or duck down from a reliable company like us, the odour shouldn't be as noticeable. Some people can't stand the 'farmyard' smell, but many of our customers find the comfort overrules any existing natural odour.

If you explored the differences discussed above and have decided on the perfect down pillow for you, here are some tips that will help you increase its lifespan.

  • Fold the pillows and put them in a headlock
  • Don’t use them for pillow fights!
  • Feather pillows should not be washed
  • Down pillows can be washed and need to be dried properly. If not dried properly, it can lead to mould growth in less than 24 hours
  • Get a pillow protector
  • Use a pillowcase and wash it regularly
  • If you live in a humid area, don’t hang it outside to dry
  • If the pillow starts to smell, it may be time to get a new one!


Goose down is considered better than duck down, but both of them have equally efficient insulation abilities. Manufacturers take the age of the birds into consideration as well as their diet and lifestyle to guarantee the fluffiest, softest feathers. This ensures the best fill power and most effective insulation as well as years and years of uninterrupted, warm and comfortable sleep.

The processing plays the most important role in the type of down being made. If you choose to purchase your pillows from a reputable manufacturer like us, the quality and durability of your product will be unsurpassed compared to cheaper options.

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