SUMMER BEDDING GUIDE -  How to prepare your spare room for Holiday Guests

The holidays are almost here and some of us may have friends and family coming from afar to stay with us throughout the holidays. Having friends and family all over the glob, I know when they visit or when my family and I visit them comfort is a must. Its the magical time of the year for great food, great people and some well deserved comfortable rest.

See some of our tips for a great guest bedroom

  1. Create a welcoming oasis with scent. We love to wash our guest bedlinen and towels with Aroma Wash, and to spritz the fresh laundry with matching linen spray. A consistent fragrance will make their whole space feel clean and homey.
  2. Summer tone quilt covers will give your guests the feeling of being away on a vacation. soft light colours set the mood on a warm summer day. 
  3. Soft and smooth bed sheets, with soft tones will make all your guests comfortable on a warm Australian summer night. Bamboo is the perfect bed sheets material to use for an Australian summer. We highly recommend the Park Avenue Bamboo range for their variety of colours and amazing high quality bamboo material. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL RANGE

If you have any great advice or ideas, please leave a comment below and share your experiences with us


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