How To Fold Fitted Sheets

One of life's easiest yet confusing tasks is folding a fitted sheet, sometimes it’s easier to throw it under the bed and close the door. Don’t give up yet. Get on top of that messy linen cupboard and fold a fitted sheet like a professional with our easy guide below

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There is no right way to fold a fitted sheet but there are easier ways too fold them neatly so they are kept crisp for when needed.

Check out the videos below for some easy how too guides we have sourced from across the web. 

Our preferred method to fold our sheets quick is the following:

This method is nice and simple and has only 5 simple steps:

  1. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface—like the floor or your bed—with the elastic facing up.
  2. Turn the two bottom corners inside-out and tuck them into the two top corners. Make sure you align the seams and neaten the corners to make a rectangular shape.
  3. Fold into a strip by folding one side halfway in, and the other side to rest over the top.
  4. Fold into a rectangle by grabbing the bottom of the strip and folding up 2-3 times.
  5. You are finished so grab a drink, relax and enjoy the rest of the day knowing your sheets are all folded and put away.

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