All across Australia it is getting hotter and hotter as we get closer to the summer heat wave.
We have listed some great ideas on how to stay cool and prepare for those hotter nights.

  • During the day time shut all the blinds in your bedroom and keep the windows closed if the temperature is much hotter outside then inside and vice-versa if the weather is cooler.
  • Heat rises, so if your sleeping on a second floor or higher be aware it will be much hotter.
  • A fan in the room will help circulate the air. Place a bowl or pan in front of the fan to help cool down the air.
  • Wearing light pajamas or possibly nothing at all will help relax and  keep yourself cooler.
  • Purchase a portable air conditioner which you can move around the home. The prices of these may increase over the summer period.
  • Drink a lot of cool fluid before going to bed.
  • Use a damp washcloth to keep your head cool by placing it across your forehead.
  • Use a lighter doona/quilt. (Purchase a summer Quilt)

We hope these idea have helped, if you have any great ideas to add comment in the section below.

All the best for the summer months and stay cool Australia.

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