Up to 30% of people suffer from allergies and in spring time, all 30% of them suffer. The warm weather and sun brings out the runny noses, sneezing and itchy/watery eyes. Allergy season can be a hassle and often creates a negative influence towards your sleep. Below are four tips on how to beat the allergies in the bedroom.

  1. Wash your sheets more often, if your unable to clean them once a week try and have a spare clean set. 
  2. Showering before bed, instead of in the morning, will also help. It prevents the pollen collected on your skin and hair from transferring onto your sheets and clothes.
  3. Buy a HEPA filter for your bedroom to reduce the amount of pollen, dust and pet hair in the air.
  4. Maybe it is time to buy a new Mattress, Pillows or Quilt. These items can collect alot of dust over time and if your had any of these for more then a few years its maybe time to upgrade and refresh your sleep.

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