Most parents with young children may at times feel they are losing the battle of getting their children to sleep. Here are a few tips to winning the fight. 

  • Routine is critical - Set a specific time every night and every morning and make sure your children are getting 9 to 12 hours sleep.
  • Switch off the electronics - Two hours before bed time, turn off the TV, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phones, just anything they can get their hands on that will keep their mind racing. This will increase the melatonin levels (This makes us tired) and will help ease your child to sleep.
  • Reduce Stress - Cortisol is the hormone that regulates the bodies stress levels. Create a dim and quite environment thirty minutes before bedtime to help ease your children's stress and it may even help yours.
  • Deeper Sleep - The cooler the temperature the deep sleep, typical room temperature is perfect for a full nights sleep. It helps to regulate your melatonin levels.
  • Scare away the nightmares - Address the bedtime fears, talk to your children about them. If reassurance doesn’t work, you can try buying a special toy to stand guard or spray the room with “monster spray” before bed. Avoid scary movies before bedtime.

We hope these simple tips help, one last tip, always be on the look out for sleeping disorders, if you feel your child is not responding to any of your home remedies, see a health professional.

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