My Partner Moves in their sleep! Help?

Its not uncommon to sleep next to a partner that jolts and moves in their sleep, some times it feels like that may even be dancing.

Partner Jolts and Moves

Here are some aggressive and not so aggressive tips on how to take control of your bed.

  • Speak with a sleep specialist. Some times the doctor may conduct a sleep study on their patient, helping them to diagnose what the issue may be.
  • Create a barrier of space between the both of you, use pillows to create your own space.
  • Invest in an anti partner disturbance mattress, a quality mattress with less bounce will definitely help the cause.
  • Use separate blankets while sleeping.
  • Get your partner to drink a soothing and relaxing hot beverage before nodding off, it may help with any anxieties that may be leading to the restlessness
  • If all else fails look into sharing separate beds, maybe two king singles in the one room?

Sharing Separate Beds

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Story of my life, my husband always tosses and turns. Thanks for the tips ill try a few out.

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