Here are a few hot tips on how to clean your linen to ensure they last a lifetime

  • Use pure soap or gentle detergent when laundering linens.
  • Soap works best in soft water. (In hard water it forms curds that makes fabrics stiff)

  • Clean any stains when fresh. If allowed to set, stains may be impossible to remove.

  • Use oxygen-type bleaches for white linen, instead of chlorine bleaches which can cause yellowing.

  • Select a lukewarm water temperature, depending on the care instructions.

  • Place delicate or fringed linens in a pillowcase before putting them into a washing machine.

  • Whether hand or machine washing, be sure to rinse the linen item completely in lots of water to remove all soap, detergent and residual soil. This will help to avoid formation of "age spots" which are caused by oxidation of cellulose (linen's primary component).

  • Once rinsing and spinning cycles on a washing machine are complete, either line dry the linen items, lay them flat or hang garments -- all until slightly damp. Avoid wringing out linen before drying.

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