Best Plush and Firm Mattress for Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is often the reason for a very bad night’s sleep. In the spine, although it appears fixed, there are numerous verves that feed into the central spinal cord from other areas of the back, including the back bones themselves. Pressure or distortion of these bones and the plates between them causes varying degrees of pain. When these plates or spinal bones are out-of-line, then undue pressure is exerted on these nerves. Bulging discs can also cause pain.

Work is the cause of many of these problems. When you continually lift something with your legs straight, lifting heavy or awkward articles down from shelves over your head, then your spine is forced to work harder than it is meant to, or put itself into odd angles, which eventually damage it. If you are not correctly aligned at your work desk, this can also be a problem.  Slouching or other behaviour puts s0ress on the lower spine and discs.

Chiropractors, pain killers and braces do help. But none of these can be around all the time, nor should you subject your kidneys to big doses of pain killers regularly, otherwise you are probably heading for more trouble. So it is lucky that specialists in mattress-makers have been able to study how the spine works and finally come up with some designs that allow you some proper rest at night.

The idea now is to use ergometrics with the design of the bed. As is to be expected, you will probably pay more, but isn’t that worth a good night’s sleep? Check the online list of beds from to see what they have in stock regarding beds for back pain.

Below find a review of one of the beds they have in stock for bad backs, from the range of “sleepeezee nexus”. Sleepeezee nexus is an Italian mattress, with ergometrical designing. This bed and ensemble base come in the most popular sizes, from a generous single to the king-size. Pocketed coils take the pressure off your bad spots, they are filled with natural latex and wool fibres and regulating your body temperature as you rest.

Unlike many mattresses, this one has actually been endorsed by chiropractors and osteopaths in Australia.  Your body will be automatically in a perfect line, so necessary for a painless sleep. Unlike others too, you will be able to get out of bed easily, although it is a soft mattress, because it balances you and you do not sink into pits and pockets. The mattresses are firmly quilted, so they keep their shape.

Should you like slats on the bed base, then that is easily arranged. Sleepeezee nexus is also made of reinforced steel makings, so you don’t have  to worry about crashing through it either. Take your choice of bed-heads, of which there are a collection. If you prefer velvet, then there is one for you.  Sleepeezee nexus comes with a guarantee of 10 years, so what you spend is well worth it, considering many mattresses are only good for 2 years.

If you worry about environmental factors, then Sleepeezee nexus should relive your mind, as latex is 100% natural. Because it is, there is very little chance of pollutions and other things making their home in there. This bedding is very anti-bacterial.

So visit  and you will certainly find a bed and mattress for you. If you have any problems, simply send an email to that address and you will be given a quick, polite reply.

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