4 Essential Tips To Find The Best Quilt Covers in Australia

Are you searching for the best quilt covers in Australia? Consider these 4 useful tips to find the quilt cover of your dream! 


Do you want to change the overlook of your bedroom with minimum effort? Consider changing your quilt covers! One of the best and cheapest ways to decorate your bedroom is by changing your traditional bedding and pillows to contemporary ones.

Using a quilt cover is one of the most creative ways to offer your bedroom a unique, aesthetic, and enhanced look. What more? Quilt covers are available with an endless variety of themes. You can give your bedroom a summer makeover by using beach themed quilt covers. 

As an online bedding store in Australia, we understand that there is no accounting for taste and searching for the ideal quilt cover based on your preference, taste, style, and budget can be stressful. Besides, you won't want to get lost while buying the right quilt cover for yourself. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of a few essential things you should consider while buying the quilt cover for yourself and find your right match. 

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Quilt Covers

1. Feel The Material 
  • Quilt covers are fabricated with a variety of different materials - From cotton and cotton blends, flannel, synthetic materials to silk. The price of the quilt cover will depend on the material's characteristics and the complexity of cleaning. Thick quilt covers are ideal for winters as it provides double heat insulation. While light and thin quilt covers are perfect for summers. 
  • If you have a furry friend at your home, avoid using a quilt cover made from delicate fabrics like silk or satin. Instead, opt for vintage quilt covers as it has a melange design that helps hide claws marks easily. It is also crucial to consider your skin type while choosing a quilt cover. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using microfiber and opt for breathable natural fibre, like bamboo or cotton. 
2. Search For Various Design and Colour 
    • When it comes to choosing the right quilt set, always consider the aesthetic appeal. Apart from selecting the right size of the bed, duvet, and quilt, you have to ensure that the design and colour of the piece match your interior.

      However, you should know that the type of design you choose will affect the price range of the quilt. For instance, a vintage quilt cover will have a different price than a single-piece quilt cover. 
    • Quilt cover sets are also available in a variety of different colours - Blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, black, white, and more! You can try to complement any colour scheme that best suits your room. 
    3. Consider Size 
      • Before making the purchase decision, always consider the size of the quilt cover set. Buying a quilt cover set that's either too large or too small for your bed will take a huge toll on your sleep and also impede its appearance.

        Quilt cover sets come in a wide range of sizes - From single, double, queen, king, to super king. For best results, choose the quilt cover that matches the size of your bed. 
      4. Shop From The Right Place 
        • One of the best parts about shopping for quit set covers is that you will find them almost anywhere - from department stores to online. You will not face any trouble finding places to buy them.

          However, it is crucial to shop for quilt covers from a company that specifically manufactures and sells these sets. Check the previous reviews and rating of their bedding materials. Make sure they have a great reputation in the bedding industry. 

        At Big Bedding, we offer an extensive range of Australian made quilt covers that suits everyone's taste, style, and budget. Browse through our collection of quilt covers and adorn your bedroom with some fancy design.

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