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Buying a quilt cover might not seem like the most significant of purchases. After all, what could go wrong? You just search for ‘best quilt covers in Australia’ and voila! There you go, plenty of wonderful options right in front of you.

But have you ever thought about how much difference a quilt cover can really make? Not only in terms of the aesthetics of your bedroom, but the right choice in quilt cover can also contribute to the overall quality of your sleep.

Quilt covers in Australia are available in so many different varieties. This is why it can be even more confusing to pick the right one for your style and personal needs.

In this blog, the team at Big Bedding have compiled some of the most useful tips and tricks that will help you to make a well-informed decision when buying your ultimate quilt cover.


  • The style

Choosing an ideal quilt cover goes way beyond simply the aesthetic appeal. You need to ensure that the style and design match your room, and assess whether or not the size of the quilt cover fits your bed comfortably.

You will find a wide variety of designs and sizes for quilt covers that will match your bedroom decor and size. Whether you prefer solid plain colours, or you like printed or floral designs, you will find it all on our website.

The design of your quilt cover holds great significance in deciding the kind of vibe you want to go for in your bedroom. But make sure that you do not compromise on your comfort in the process.

If you have kids or pets in your home, you can go for abstract design to help camouflage those pesky stains or claw marks.

  • The material

Quilt covers come in a beautiful array of different materials. From cotton or cotton blend, to luxurious silk and synthetic materials, you can buy whatever material that suits you.

Thicker quilt covers are great for colder regions as they will add beautiful heat insulation to your quilt. Hence, it is best to have seasonal quilt covers so that you can put on something lighter during the summer, and go for a thicker quilt cover during those cold winter months.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have sensitive skin, go for more breathable materials. We advise you to choose natural materials like cotton or bamboo, providing a more soft and breathable result.

You will find a wide variety of material options on our website, so you can choose the most suitable option for you.

  • The quality

For determining the quality of a quilt cover, you not only need to keep in mind the fabric, but you also need to understand the concept of thread count. Thread counts refer to how many vertical, as well as horizontal threads, are present per 10cm.

A lot of people believe that the higher the thread count the better and softer the quilt cover will be. Meaning, it will feel more luxurious and comfortable on your body. However, this isn’t always the case.

A quilt with higher thread count may end up trapping more heat as the threads are closely knitted to one another, subsequently not allowing air to flow freely in between them.

It is often best to find a happy middle ground for the thread count, which is neither too little nor too much for your needs. When you shop for the best quilt covers in Australia, you can find the perfect thread count for your bed, with a soft and lightweight feel to it as well.

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What do the experts at Big Bedding suggest?

We want to make your bedroom your comfort zone with our bedding essentials. Having been in the industry across for many years now, our team has worked with various customers with different bedding needs.

Some prefer abstract and textured quilts, while others stick to the timeless and classic plain colours. In the end, the purchasing decision mainly comes down to your personal preference.

You should also look for fabrics which won’t shrink or fade after washing. Sometimes when you end up buying from a cheap store, you might be amazed by the prices but find that you quickly become disappointed with the quality after you wash those quilt covers a few times.

At Big Bedding, you can buy 100% Australian quilt covers and be assured of the top quality that we provide. Our team is always here to assist you so that you can make a wise decision when purchasing the most suitable quilt cover for your bedding situation.

We not only pay attention to the appeal of our bedding essentials, but we also ensure that no compromise is made with the quality in the process. You will find the biggest collection of bedding essentials on our website. We promise you won’t regret choosing the expert team at Big Bedding for your next perfect quilt cover!

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