Radio waves have existed for many years. The trouble is, with all the gadgets we now use everry day and night, there are more and more of them around in every crevice of our homes and lives.

So, are radio waves thought to be dangerous?

The jury is still mostly out on this question. Almost everyone knows that radio waves come from a source and are transmitted to millions of receptors. However, radio waves do not tend to build up in a particular area, unless it is a cell phone or such device. The waves here do build up in the inner ear, but they do not appear to cause too much damage, unless the phone is continually on either ear. Taking your Bluetooth phone to bed with you and leaving it near your ear may add to the accumulation of waves. However, it is not only your phone that can cause problems. You are also exposed to your neighbour’s waves as well.

The damage caused is certainly not bad, but it does interrupt certain sleep patterns while you are in bed. If you wake up with a start, feel woozy for a bit and cannot think properly, there is evidence found in ongoing studies that the waves emitting from cellphones and other devices may be the cause of this disorientation. These waves may also interrupt the deeper sleep patterns which are vital to having a good nights sleep.

The light that comes from these devices when they are off or on can interfere with the depth of your sleep. Because most people leave the thing turned on, it still emits light of varying strengths which interrupts the pattern you are in with your sleep. Most of us know we have several patterns when we sleep, such as REM,delta and theta waves which react to any stimulus such as light. Insomnia can be caused simply by this. It can also be triggered by the continuous stimulation from even a very dim phone light. For delta sleep to work properly, it must be uninterrupted for at least 21/2 – 3 hours. This is one of the deepest periods of sleep and is where most of the body’s repair work happens.

Jennie Agg in the Daily Mail of March 11th, 2014, reported on a study into cell phones affects on sleeping. Headaches and dizziness have also been reported in other studies of when the device, phone or other, was placed beside the head when people attempted to sleep.

Since the 1990s, the proliferation of RF( radio frequencies) has increased from 500,000 to 1MM. Almost all studies believe this is true and it is not finances, unhappiness or stress that is ruining our sleep, but RFs continually bombarding our bodies and brains.

So what to do about it?

As we continually demand 24/7/365 communication with our world, the thought of going to sleep without at least one device very near is frightening almost to panic. It is, however, the best way to return to somewhat normal sleep. Yes, you will still have radio waves blasted at you from the neighbours, but they can be masked somewhat by closing thick curtains, using sleep masks and ear plugs.

If you can’t face loooking like Godzilla in bed, then put your phone or devices outside the bedroom. The kitchen table is great for a temporary spot. It may take a while to get accustomed to having to go back to a simple alarm clock when you have been used to having your phone send you a message to wake up, but the restoration of the health benefits of having a good sleep should make up for this deprivation.

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