Does our mattress keep getting dirtier and is starting to smell?
Here are a few ways to get some extra life and a better nights sleep out of your mattress and to help get  out any of those nasty stains our children make.

1. Vacuum your mattress
2. Try upholstery cleaner spray
3. Try enzyme cleaner spray
4. Vinegar will help kill mold
5. Dry your mattress out in the sun
6. Wet the stained area with a enzyme spray, pour baking soda over the top and leave it for 8 hours. Vacuum up the baking soda.
7. Contact your local mattress company or dry cleaners for more tips or solutions.

I hope this has helped, we all want to sleep comfortable and a clean mattress is a key part of this.
We all deserve to sleep in a hygienic bed. Some mattresses come with a built in Anti-Bacterial material which is sewed into the pillow top of the mattress.
Head over to and ask the staff about their range of Anti-Bacterial mattresses. They have several luxurious mattresses which include this option.

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