Comfort that
creates happiness

We offer a range of quilts & pillows to suit different needs and sleeping habits. Choose from a selective range of superb types and grades from father to high down content. All our products meet a high Australian standard for quality.

Comfort Quality

Washing & Processing
plant of feather and down

Our recently upgraded washing plant ensures for a higher-grade of quality and performance. These recently implemented technologies allows our equipment to create better products for you by removing dust and impurities.

Created in Melbourne, Australia

Purax Feather Holdings was established in 1934 during the Great Depression. As an Australian manufacturer, we have been supplying retailers nationally and internationally with feather and down products for over 70 years.

Our customers

We support some of the largest hotels in the world including Hyatt, The Westin Melbourne & Sydney, The Langham and Sofitel.

Our customers