Logan & Mason caters to those who relish infusing their bedroom décor with a sense of vibrancy and joy. Our diverse range features lively and captivating bedding designs that encapsulate the essence of modern Australian living, complemented by an exquisite array of accessories. For those seeking a touch of sophistication, our Platinum Collection offers luxurious options that elevate any bedroom setting.


As an integral component of Legend Linen's extensive bedding portfolio, Logan & Mason stands as a proudly Australian-owned brand, comprised of a team of skilled textile designers and stylists.

Our designs are a fusion of bold colors and patterns, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as high-fashion runways, global cultures, and the beauty of nature. We incorporate a rich variety of textures, from sumptuous velvet to sleek satin, embellished with delicate tassels, sturdy weaves, and shimmering sequins. This commitment to innovation ensures that regardless of your personal aesthetic, you'll discover something to reflect your style with each passing season.

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