Natures Best Wool Underlay

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A lush and comfortable Australian wool two layer under blanket. 

  • Reversible under blanket for a cooler side in summer
  • Non-allergenic and flame resistant.
  • Double layer construction. To cushion your body, easing pressure points and alleviating aches and pains.
  • The top layer is a thick and plush pile of pure wool.
  • Beneath lies additional plush layer of new wool to enhance the cushioning effect.
  • A hidden soft layer is quilted into a sateen cotton casing. .
  • Snug fitted skirt to fit around your mattress holding the under blanket neatly in place.
  • Dry cleaning is recomended
  • Made in Australia
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Wool Underblanket Construction

Our wool two-layer underblankets are made from superior quality wool in order to provide effective cushioning and softness. With a double layer construction, these blankets will help to ease pressure point and allow aches and pains to melt away. The top layer of the underblanket consists of a thick wool.

Beneath this layer is another layer of wool that is designed to enhance the cushioned designed. The underblanket is completed by a hidden layer of cotton. Our wool underblankets are also reversible and feature a skirt that can be fitted to your mattress in order to keep the underblanket in place.