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Big Bedding presents the richest and softest selection of quilts to enhance your sleep experience. A warm hug from a soft duvet will help you achieve a more relaxing and comfortable snooze. At Big Bedding, we care about you and your sleep, and we love to be the people you can count on for everything you need to complete your bedding and stay cosy throughout the night.

We have been providing our customers with bedding since 2014 and have received nothing but love in return for our products. Our bedding collection includes exclusive and premium quality quilts, toppers, mattresses and goose down pillows that are all made in Australia for Australia.

In Australia, people need comfortable and warm bedding that’s going to get them through the warmer and colder months, whether that’s a comfy mattress, goose down doona or fluffy pillows. Our doonas and goose down pillows are all made in Australia to be great in every season and come in a variety of filling grades or warmth rates. Some of the most popular products on our website are down quilts, toppers, Puradown quilts and goose down pillows made in Australia. We deliver anywhere within Australia in a time-efficient manner.

Sleep is extremely important for everybody, but having the correct bedding plays one of the most essential roles in getting a productive night’s sleep. Do you love cuddling up in the warmth of a soft, luxurious comforter you only ever seem to find in hotel rooms? If yes, you can bring that very comfort to your home by shopping with us. We have a variety of bedding products and filling options for your luxe sleep experience. All you have to do is choose the right quilt or duvet for your home.

If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom with luxury bedding, we have listed some top tips to keep in mind while shopping for quilt and goose down pillows in Australia below: 

  • Know the right size– Never assume that you will get down comforters the exact size for your bed. Quilts come in a few standard sizes and can be customised too, so make sure you pick a slightly bigger size quilt than your bed. Bigger quilts provide more comfort and allow you to snuggle up and keep warm. Many people dream of bed with a comfortable Australian-made mattress, warm quilt and some soft goose down pillows.
  • Focus on fill power– Fill power indicates the warmth and quality of a duvet. Fill power is the number of down clusters within a duvet, meaning a duvet with a high fill power will have clusters that are larger, stronger and warmer. Our soft goose down pillows are made in Australia to provide superior insulation, breathability and more durability than quilts with a lower fill power. So, to get the right warmth for you, make sure you’re always paying attention to the fill power!
  • Determine your budget– Bedding should be a long-term investment that affords you a peaceful sleep every night for years. Down bedding is usually expensive, but the level of comfort and durability it provides is unbeatable. If you are someone who prefers comfort at a reasonable price, down bedding like our selection of down doonas and goose down pillows made in Australia is the smartest choice.
  • Sewing details– Unlike other fillings, down filling requires special attention while sewing to ensure there are no gaps in the comforter. In most down doonas, you will notice they are made with long channels or a sewn-through box design that helps keep the down in place for an even distribution. These seemingly minor details make your down comforter warmer and more reliable than other doonas and, if you are looking for this quality, our Puradown doonas and goose down pillows made in Australia are exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Outer fabric thread– Thread count is extremely crucial for ensuring the quality of your down doona. Down clusters can leak through low-quality fabrics. To prevent this from happening to your quilt, you should consider buying a cover with a high thread count to make sure it’s tightly woven and leak-proof. At Big Bedding, we take special care to ensure the edges of our doonas are sealed so you are assured years of quality.
  • Need cover or not– Without a cover, comforters are called duvets. If you wish to take good care of your quilt, it is recommended that you buy a quality cover to ensure it looks good inside and out. Besides, you can clean the cover whenever it gets dirty to maintain the hygiene and quality of your product.

For more information, feel free to drop your message in the chat box here. We are happy to help!

Benefits of Feather & Down

  • Natural
  • High warmth rating, suitable for cold sleepers
  • A higher percentage of down will mean a warmer quilt
  • Retains heat and insulates providing warmth with a light and lofty fill
  • Goose down is a superior and warmer form of down than duck down
  • Our feathers are ethically sourced and are a by-product

Product Care

Air well before use, fluff up and air frequently, dry clean 60+ or rejuvenation recommended. May be warm machined (large launderette machine recommended) or hand washed. Do not bleach, soak or wring. Dry thoroughly without delay. Line dry across several lines, consistently turning. Once almost dry, may be tumble dried warm for complete dryness.

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Julie Holder
Very Comfortable Pillow

I love this new pillow, its a great support when I sit up in bed to read

Thank you for the feedback :)

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