Duck Down Mattress Toppers in Australia. Order Puradown Plush Mattress Toppers

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Down mattress topper in Australia

We understand the need and requirement of a comfortable bed to get a cosy and sound sleep. Big Bedding makes it possible by providing a down mattress topper in Australia and acts as an additional layer of soft down and feather that provides great comfort and relaxation. We make sure to provide an additional fluffiness that provides complete support to the back and neck. With our down mattress topper in Australia, our aim is to give you a 5-star bed feeling, every day!


The material used to make premium down mattress topper Australia is a feather and down. The materials are cleaned in Australia and made in Australia which makes it even matter. The feather and down add fluffiness and comfort to the down mattress toppers. The feathers and down are materials that last for a long period of time once they cleaned and processed in the right way. The down mattress toppers are then filled to their maximum capacity to create fluffiness and provide total support to you. The mattress is known to be hard when new and can be damaged over time. It does not provide the comfort that you are looking for and might consider changing it or getting a new one which is softer than it. The foam mattress is known to be hard to make it last longer which is people use an underlay to make feel softer. The underlay is a soft cushioning is placed under to get a softer feel but it is a costlier option than down mattress topper Australia. The mattress toppers last longer and are an affordable option for people to choose. 



The down mattress toppers are designed for an extremely comfortable, cosy and relaxing night’s sleep. It has straps on the corners that help it fit easily to the bed. It prevents it from slipping of sliding down. The down mattress topper is designed in a single stitch pattern of boxes which is created by fabric piping. This unique box wall design makes sure that the filling stays in place and the topper lasts for a longer period of time. The regular design would result in the fillings getting piled on one side or certain areas of the bed which would make it uncomfortable to sleep on. The unique design ensures that the feathers and down stay in their place as they are well divided among the walls to provide fluffiness and relaxation. 


The down mattress topper Australia is very popular with the people. It is the preferred choice of the hoteliers and bedding retailers due to its comfort and long-lasting capabilities. It is also widely preferred by people to protect their mattress and get a more relaxing bed to sleep on. The hoteliers need to provide a luxurious and comfortable stay which makes it necessary for them to have down mattress topper Australia. It also has many other advantages which makes it great for home use as it does not get affected on the other side when a person moves on another which gives both people an unhindered sleep. 


The down mattress toppers available with us are of premium quality and are made from a mixture of 10% duck down and 90% duck feather. It has been designed with only one factor in mind which is total customer satisfaction and comfort. The corner straps are made to make the adjustment of the toppers easy for you. The mattress topper is of a single stitch pattern in the shape of boxes which is created by fabric piping and all these things together ensure that the down mattress topper Australia has a long lifespan. 

Our products are of premium quality and produced totally in Australia. On our website you can find a variety of bedding products from top brands. We provide top quality mattress, down mattress toppers Australia, pillows and cushions, quilts and doonas, UGG and Mocassins are available. You can also get discounts and offers that are offered on the website. We also provide our customers with the option of creating a custom quilt suitable for their comfort. We have products available for single, double, queen, king, super king-sized beds available for you to choose from.

 Topper Sizes

  • Single - 91cm x 187cm (Fill weight 4500gm)
  • Double - 137cm x 187cm (Fill weight 5000gm)
  • Queen - 153cm x 204cm (Fill weight 5400gm)
  • King - 183cm x 204cm (Fill weight 6400gm)

Product Care

Air well before use, fluff up and air frequently, dry clean 60+ or rejuvenation recommended. May be warm machined (large launderette machine recommended) or hand washed. Do not bleach, soak or wring. Dry thoroughly without delay. Line dry across several lines, consistently turning. Once almost dry, may be tumble dried warm for complete dryness.

Customer Reviews

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paul marsh
Pillow top

Looked for the best and found it ,you will not be disappointed.

<p>Thank you Paul, we appreciate the lovely feedback and if you need anything in future we will always be here to help.</p>

Moriah Gaylord

Duck Down Mattress Toppers in Australia. Order Puradown Plush Mattress Toppers

Anthony Barone
Worth it

Has turned a very uncomfortable mattress which was unusable into something guests love to sleep on now.

Susan Jones

Has added great comfort to my old mattress and have given me some more time to save for the mattress I want without being uncomfortable. Thanks for the advice Steve and offering me this as an alternative to a cheap brand new mattress. Will purchase again!!

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