Aussie Wool Comfort



Aussie Wool Comfort setout to make 100% Luxury Wool Quilts & Pillows to rid the bedroom of allergies, giving their customers a allergy free and luxury comfort sleep.

Allergy sufferers can sleep easy knowing Aussie Wool Comfort products are 100% chemical and synthetic free bedding.

The wool is sourced from Western Victoria and is cleaned  chemical free prior to carding, and all coverings are made from 100% Australian Sateen cotton.

That’s why the southern hemisphere’s leading allergy specialist Dr Colin Little refers his clients directly to Aussie Wool Comfort for a good night’s sleep. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, we guarantee only pure Australian wool.

Aussie Wool Comfort is equal to Jumback quality but cleaned chemical free using Coconut based products.

Making Aussie Wool Quilt the best Value for Money Wool Products around.