Now Selling Protect A Bed - Invest To Protect Your Mattress

Protect-A-Bed is a leading brand of mattress and pillow protectors, known for its innovative and high-quality products. The company was founded in the late 1980s and has since become a trusted name in the bedding industry.

One of the key features of Protect-A-Bed products is their patented Miracle Membrane layer. This layer is 100% waterproof, yet still breathable, and effectively blocks dust mites, allergens, and liquids from penetrating the mattress or pillow. This makes Protect-A-Bed protectors a great choice for people with allergies or asthma, as well as those who want to extend the life of their mattress or pillow.

In addition to mattress and pillow protectors, Protect-A-Bed also offers a range of other bedding products, such as mattress encasements and mattress pads. These products provide an added layer of protection and comfort for your bed, and are also treated with the Miracle Membrane layer for added protection.

Protect-A-Bed is also committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. The company uses eco-friendly materials in its products, and works with suppliers and manufacturers who meet strict environmental and social standards. This means that customers can purchase Protect-A-Bed products with a clear conscience, knowing that they are not only good for their health but also for the planet.

In conclusion, Protect-A-Bed is a brand that offers high-quality and innovative products that are designed to protect and extend the life of your mattress and pillow. With the added benefits of allergen and dust mite protection, and the commitment to sustainability, Protect-A-Bed is a brand that should be considered by anyone looking for bedding products.

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