Incredible Health Benefits of Sleeping with the Right Bedding

Right Bedding

The benefits of a sound sleep are not secret anymore. The Australian Sleep Association ensures that everybody is well aware of the affect sleep has on our health and updates their website with all the latest news regarding Australian sleep studies.


Sleep experts are constantly researching sleep benefits and ways to get a better night’s sleep. As per their experience and research, sleeping well benefits your health in many ways. When we talk about good sleep, a mattress, pillow, doona, etc. play a vital role in enhancing your experience by making sure you are resting comfortably and uninterrupted.


Sleep can help us in many aspects of our life, including memory development, better concentration, reduction in stress, improved efficiency, good mood, weight loss, anti-ageing and healthy blood pressure.


Moreover, using a good quality mattress, doona and pillow can improve your ability to catch a good night’s sleep. Looking at the current market trends, feather down doonas are the most popular and comfortable choice in Australia for those colder nights.


Here are some of the proven benefits of sleeping with the right bedding:


  1. It Eases Your Body Pain

One common problem that most of us face is soreness or pain in the morning. Commonly affected are the joints, back and neck. This happens because these body parts have pressure joints, which experience strain in the sleeping position.


A good mattress helps relieve pressure from one part by transferring it evenly without causing any pain to a particular area. Hence, sleeping on a good mattress can help you wake up pain-free and ready to tackle the day.


  1. You’ll Get Better Support

Our bodies have many curves, and sleeping on the right mattress with the right firmness will provide the proper support it needs during the night.


A good mattress, such as the down mattress topper, which is a popular choice throughout Australia, will support your body and provide the best comfort based on your body weight and type. Our mattresses align your spine, keeping it in a comfortable position throughout the night so that there is no pain or discomfort while sleeping.


  1. It Boosts Your Immune System

As we sleep, our body undergoes a healing process that improves our immune system. If the mattress and other sleep accessories are comfortable, it helps us enter a deeper sleep. Eventually, this helps our body recover the lost energy and process the data collected during the daytime.


  1. The Right Accessories Lift Your Comfort Level

Our body tends to drop its temperature during the night and rises after the sunrise. While sleeping, your comfort is dependent on not only your mattress, but the temperature of the room. Becoming too warm or too cold can disturb this comfort and shorten your sleep.


If your mattress and doona are capable of keeping your body temperature moderated, you’ll sleep like a baby. Additionally, a quality quilt or mattress will help you achieve the best snooze.


  1. Sleep Can Improve Your Memory

During sleep, while the body is at peace, our brain analyses and saves the memories from the day. Sleep promotes better brain functioning and storage, which means that the deeper the sleep, the better and stronger our ability to retain information becomes.


Sleep accessories, such as a soft pillow, warm doona and comfortable mattress, play a fundamental role in improving your sleep quality, which, in turn, supports your brain’s ability to function properly.



Mattresses, doonas and pillows are all equally important elements that increase your chances of sleeping well, and making sure you are as comfortable as possible will further increase your ability to sleep soundly.


Our health is a reflection of the quality and quantity of our sleep, so make sure you use the right bedding to give yourself the best possible night’s sleep.

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