How To Choose A Perfect Quilt Cover?


Did you know that only one out of every three Australians gets an adequate amount of sleep at night?

If you are someone who is experiencing a lack of sleep recently, chances are your quilt cover set needs immediate replacement. Using quilt covers that are too big, too hot, or too itchy might keep you up at night, affecting your sleep time significantly. Choosing the right quilt cover set for your bedroom can ensure you get good night sleep and offers a comforting environment. An appropriate quilt set can also enhance the visual appearance of your space. 

You can find a variety of quilt cover sets in Australia available in various sizes, colours, textures, materials, and patterns. Considering the comfort factor with the variety, choosing the right quilt set cover can be challenging. However, you can easily choose the best quilts in Australia by following these five useful tips.

5 Tips To Choose A Perfect Quilt Cover 

  1. Consider Size 

One of the key rules of buying a quilt cover is that it should be one size bigger than the mattress. For instance, if you have a queen mattress, consider buying a king-size quilt cover. However, it also depends on the look you want to provide to your bedroom. If you want a quilt cover that finishes at the top of the mattress and shows off a valance, consider choosing a quilt size that exactly matches the mattress size. 

Additionally, you must decide on the size of the quilt with the quilt cover size. For instance, a king-size quilt should go with a king quilt cover set. Similarly, a queen size quilt will be suitable with a queen quilt cover set. Choosing both sizes as the exact same match will ensure you have a warm, complete, and comfortable quilt during colder months. 

  1. Choose The Right Colour

While the quilt size determines the comfort factor, choosing the right colour will ensure the space looks visually appealing. Selecting the right coloured quilt cover will either transform and enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom or downgrade it. Therefore, you must consider the style of your bedroom, the colour of the bed frame and wall. 

  • If you want to make your bedroom look brighter and airy, consider going with a plain white quilt cover.
  • If you want to incorporate different colours into your bedroom space, choosing purple might be better.
  • To add more depth to your bedroom, you can opt for a block colour of navy or black. 
  1. Feel The Texture 

When choosing a quilt cover, considering the texture matters the most. Quilt covers are usually available in a smooth, silk-like texture, making them a suitable option for pillows with patterns and textured cushions. If you want something that can immediately boost the visual appeal of your bedding, then a waffle quilt is a great option. 

  1. Choose The Right Material 

Quilt covers are available in various materials, including cotton, linen, silk, sateen, poly-blend, polyester jacquard, synthetic, and flannel. Choosing the right material can determine how the bed will look - textured and inviting or smooth and luxurious. Regardless of choice, always consider a quilt cover material that is comfortable, durable, and breathable. 

  1. Consider Quality and Thread Count 

Choosing the best quality quilt set cover will ensure the great longevity of your quilt insert. Besides, you can also focus on the look you wish to achieve in the bedroom. 

Thread count measures the vertical and horizontal threads per square 10 cm. 

  • Higher thread count will not suit a warmer climate as it traps heat, restricting proper airflow.
  • Lower thread count may be a suitable option for general use. 

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