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The NEW  range of Downia pillows are here, with a soft high quality cotton casing, filled to capacity for a plush, medium or firm feel to rest your head. You will never try another pillow again after you have used Downia, they are the biggest bedding brand in Australia for a reason. Used by most hotels and Australians, Downia continues to provide long lasting pillows for all its customers needs.
A rich history of over 100 years here in Australia, Downia has an ongoing commitment to controlling asthma and allergic reactions within our home. All Downia products are encased in high thread count cotton fabric, which has been proven to be impenetrable to dust mites that are thought to be a leading cause that affects asthma sufferers.
We use a special washing and rinsing process called Puresan™ to remove bacteria, dust and allergens, leaving our down clean and fluffy. Natural and manmade fills are carefully sourced to keep up with our high standards of quality control. Downia bedding products are easy to care for and maintain.

For generations down filled pillows have been a European tradition. Downia continues this tradition making this luxury goose down pillow with a minimum 85% down cluster, encased in a soft downproof cotton cover, that provides comfort and support for your head and neck. Downlike softness and support.

White Goose Down & Goose Feather

280 thread count downproof cotton cover
5 year guarantee
Luxuriously soft 280 thread count downproof cotton cover.
Packed in PVC bag with handles
Standard Size (45x 70cm)


  • SOFT 600g - 85% DOWN 15% FEATHER
  • MEDIUM 730g - 70% DOWN 30% FEATHER
  • FIRM 930g - 55% DOWN 45% FEATHER

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